Pay attention to red flags such as: Your child is not progressing in school. Has trouble keeping up with the material being learned in class or working below grade level. Your child’s grades have started dropping over the past months, either in a particular subject or across the board. Your child struggles when it’s time to complete homework assignments. Your child spends countless hours working on homework and assignments. Your child hates going to school. Your child lacks confidence in school or in a subject area your child has a hard time paying attention or misbehaves in school. Your child needs more rigorous content.
Pre-Assessments gives us a clear idea where your child struggling. From there we will begin to create a personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP will explain strengths, weaknesses, and amount of sessions recommended for success. We can then create a schedule choosing days of the week and times.
We highly recommend at least twice a week.
"Teamwork makes the dreamwork." With an parents permission we can communicate with your child's teacher to discuss the child academic needs and progress. We believe everyone should be on the same page to better assist the child.
We come to you, a library near your home, or online. During registration please let us know what location works best for you and your family.
Fill out the contact form at the button of the home page or selecting it at top of the page. Someone from our team will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss your a plan. Once the consultation is complete you will fill out the registration form by selecting the Enroll tab at the top of the website. Then, the academic growth begins!
Our effective tutors have degrees from four year state universities. Our tutors are also certified school teachers.

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